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The Complete Civil War on DVD-ROM

This is the most comprehensive single reference source for Civil War research, comprised of almost 200,000 pages of material, requiring a DVD-ROM to store the massive databases.

This single disc contains all of the material on our separate Civil War related CD-ROM products, including:

• Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
• Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies
• Map Atlas of the Official Records (high resolution)
• National Archives Guide-Index (5 volumes)

as well as the important and hard to find Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion - exclusive to the DVD-ROM.

There is also important, non-official material:

• Dyer's Compendium
• Fox's Regimental Losses
• Southern Historical Society Papers
• Confederate Military History
• Campaigns of the Civil War
• Biographies of 7 Confederate Generals (J.A. Early, J.E.B. Stuart, J.B. Gordon, R.E. Lee, J. Longstreet, G.M. Sorrel, "Stonewall" Jackson)

All of this content is divided into two large databases, one for Official Records (plus Dyers and Fox's), and the other for non-official records material. Each database can be searched with a single query. This provides, for instance, the very powerful capability to search the entire Army, Navy, map, and Medical/Surgical Official Records at one time. There is simply no faster and easier way to search the records.

Soon available on a searchable site!

The Civil War CD-ROMThe Civil War CD-ROM
Version 1.6

Quite possibly the most revolutionary — and popular — Civil War research tool currently on the market. It contains * All 127 volumes of the Official Records of the Civil War (sans indices) * Fox’s Regimental Losses * Dyer’s Compendium * Guide Index to the Official Records by National Archives historians *

Soon available on a searchable site!

Over 20,000 Satisfied Customers!

“[Its] enhanced search capability and one-line summary descriptions of search results . . . streamline the often laborious hunt for specific information . . . Every research library should offer this capability . . .”

—Nancy Midgette, Story Professor of History, Elon College, NC

“. . . without a doubt the very best buy I’ve ever made in the CW market.”

—R.B., via E-mail

“. . . honestly the Rolls Royce of info CD’s . . . no one attempting serious Civil War research can be without this marvelous CD . . . This is cheap at twice the price!”

—D. M., via E-mail

The Civil War CD-ROM IIThe Civil War CD-ROM II
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion

Containing 30 volumes of the Navy Official Records from 1861 to 1865, including dispatches and reports of Naval engagements of both Confederate and Federal navies.  (Windows only). Completed after the Army records, this ROM contains hundreds of scans of ships and various naval related hardware, as well as many maps. Although the focus is on Naval records, there are many reports from Army officers as well, such as Lee and Sherman. The Official Records aren’t complete without this ROM. Note that The Civil War CD-ROM (above) contains the National Archives cross index which cross references the Army, Navy, and map Atlas (below).

Soon available on a searchable site!

Campaigns of the Civil WarCampaigns of the Civil War
and the Navy in the Civil War

This well-known collection authored by original participants in the decades after the war contains interesting and useful information on specific campaigns and the Union Navy. Titles include Nicolay’s Outbreak of Rebellion; Force’s From Fort Henry to Corinth; Webb’s The Peninsula; Cox’s Atlanta and the March to the Sea; Doubleday’s Chancellorsville & Gettysburg; Ropes’ The March Under Pope; Phisterer’s Statistical Record; Fiske’s The War in the West I & II; Ammen’s The Atlantic Coast; Soley’s The Blockade and the Cruisers; Mahan’s The Gulf and the Inland WatersAlso included is the popular The Field Manual for Battalion Drill, 1862, by Capt. Henry Copper and six other fully searchable books! (Windows Only)

Soon available on a searchable site!

Confederate Military History CD-ROMConfederate Military History CD-ROM

Includes a series of 12 volumes written by “men of unchallenged devotion to the Confederate cause.” Each volume focuses on a particular state, set of states or subject. 1.) Secession and Civil History of the Confederate States 2.) Maryland & West Virginia 3.) Virginia 4.) North Carolina 5.) South Carolina 6.) Georgia 7.) Alabama & Mississippi 8.) Tennessee 9.) Kentucky & Missouri 10.) Louisiana & Arkansas 11.) Texas & Florida 12.) The Confederate States Navy. Also contains excellent engravings from the original hardcopy. (Windows only)

Soon available on a searchable site!

The American Indian CD-ROMThe American Indian CD-ROM

The most comprehensive research CD-ROM available on American Indian history. The only CD-ROM to our knowledge that contains the complete collection of Federal Treaties.

Complete listing of works:

  • The American Indian As Slaveholder And Secessionist, by Annie Heloise Abel
  • The Archives of Aboriginal Knowledge, by Henry Schoolcraft (7 volumes including a modern index volume)
  • Autobiography Of Black Hawk, dictated by himself
  • A History of the Black Hawk War, by J.D. Patterson
  • Bureau of Indian affairs miscellaneous documents
  • Gallery of paintings (in black and white), painted by Karl Bodmer
  • Letters and Notes on the North American Indians, by George Catlin
  • State Census Count of American Indians (1980)
  • Lives of Famous Indian Chiefs, by Norman B. Wood
  • Civil Rights Report of June 1981
  • Creation Myths Of Primitive America, by Jeremiah Curtin
  • From The Deep Woods To Civilization (Chapters In The Autobiography Of An Indian), by Charles A. Eastman
  • Narrative Of My Captivity Among The Sioux Indians, by Fanny Kelly
  • Cyclopedia of American Agriculture (Indian Agriculture section)
  • McKenney/Hall Gallery (color), partial set
  • Personal Memoirs of a residence of thirty years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers (1812-1842), by Henry Schoolcraft
  • 1911 Encyc. Brit. Article on North American Indians
  • Our Indian Wards, by George Manypenny
  • League of the Iroquois, by Lewis Morgan
  • Guide to Records in the National Archives of the US Relating to American Indians
  • American Indians, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications
  • Myths of the North American Indians, by Lewis Spence
  • Narrative of the life and sufferings of Mrs. Jane Johns
  • Myths and Legends of the Pacific Northwest, by Katharine Berry Judson
  • A Narrative Of The Early Days And Remembrances Of Oceola, by his guardian
  • Old Indian Days, by Charles Eastman
  • The Life And Times Of Red-Jacket, by William Stone
  • Federal and State Indian Reservations and Indian Trust Areas, by U.S. Dept. of Commerce
  • The Indian Sign Language, by W. P. Clark
  • The Soul Of The Indian, by Charles Eastman
  • American State Papers, Vol. 1, Documents, Legislative And Executive, Of The Congress Of The United States From The First Session Of The First To The Third Session Of The Thirteenth Congress, Inclusive; Commencing March 3, 1789, And Ending March 3, 1815.
  • American State Papers, Vol. 2, Documents, Legislative And Executive, Of The Congress Of The United States, From The First Session Of The Fourteenth To The Second Session Of The Nineteenth Congress, Inclusive: Commencing December 4, 1815, And Ending March 3, 1827.
  • Lancaster County Indians: Annals Of The Susquehannocks And Other Indian Tribes Of The Susquehanna Territory From About The Year 1500 To 1763, The Date Of Their Extinction, By H. Frank Eshleman
  • Indian Affairs, Laws and Treaties, Vol. II (Treaties), by Charles J. Kappler
  • A Voyage To Virginia, by Colonel Norwood
  • Wigwam Evenings, Sioux Folk Tales Retold, by Charles Eastman

Soon available on a searchable site!


Civil War and American Indian history on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM

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